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Front Bumpers


Good afternoon, my name is Daniel Lopez, and I am a loyal customer. I have purchased several sets of your bumpers for my past 2 Jeeps (2001 TJ Sport, 2003 TJ Rubicon), and also my current 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. I have to say that I am lucky to be able to send you this email today. You see, I was involved in a serious accident in my 2012 Jeep this past Tuesday involving a semi tractor trailer. I was moving along I-40 Westbound at about 3 mph since traffic was stopped ahead, and the operator of a semi with loaded trailer wasn't paying attention, and plowed into the rear of my Jeep traveling at and estimated 45-50mph. The impact slammed me into 4 other vehicles in front of me causing a chain reaction of carnage. The impact was so severe that my driver seat rails broke causing my seat to fail, making me hit my head and face on the steering wheel, and ramming my right leg into the wheel well area causing damage to my right calve muscle and lower back, and neck. I must say, that even with the huge impact and momentum of the semi, that my Jeep held up and protecting me.

This is why I am writing to you, which I hope you forward to all your employees and higher ups at your business. Your bumpers saved my life! I have a Hanson Offroad stubby with winchguard and Warn 9.5cti-s on front, and a Hanson Offroad rear spindle/square frame carrier bumper protecting the back of my Jeep. And protect they did! The combination of quality craftsmanship, heavy duty material, and attention to detail on design, allowed me to survive my brush with death. I have posted on several Jeep specific forums, about how your products allowed me to technically walk away from this accident. I am forever grateful for your products, and will always be a loyal customer. I have enclosed pictures of my recent accident in hopes that you utilize them for your promotion on how tough your bumpers are. I would love to speak with anyone at Hanson Offroad on my experience, if any of you want to hear what happened. I am also about to purchase a new 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon this coming week, and would love to outfit it with the same bumpers I had on my 2012 JKU Sahara. So I hope to be in contact soon, and have a wonderful weekend and Veterans Day, I know I will! Thanks again Hanson Offroad! Hopefully my testimonial will generate your company huge business!!! You guys deserve it.

SFC Daniel L Lopez
United States Army

I have Hanson bumpers on the front and rear of my JK. Last Friday night while driving back from Colorado I hit an approx. 200 lb mule deer. When I saw her I was going 70, at the time of impact I guesstimate I was doing 50. Once I got stopped I was dreading looking at the front end, because in all of my experience with deer it usually causes extensive damage to the car. All I saw was remains of the deer but no damage. I went back and dragged her off the road then looked again. I saw no damage. I stopped later for gas and cleaned off the mess and still saw no damage. The attached pictures is what one of your bumpers looks like after a collision with a deer. You guessed it, no damage. Thanks for making a great product and thanks for making it in the USA.

P.S. several weeks ago a friend of mine saw my rear bumper and ordered one himself. You guys need to market more in Texas.

Keith Griffith






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